The Best Facials That Are Totally Worth Paying For

If the world of faces seems intimidating, like going to a Chanel store on Bond Street, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve sorted the Revolutionary Facial Treatment by “Really Not Worth It” and rounded up the best facials that truly deserve the value you’ve earned (and asked questions you really want to know the answers to).

At Dr. David Jack’s clinic, he is aware of this. 500 GBP for 60 minutes


Think anti-anxiety hypnosis meets the sleek face of Harley Street. Really. This alternative face attempts to improve your mental health and skin through a personalized hypnosis combination from hypnotherapist Ma! Treatment based on Minder Gill and dermaplaning, developed by Izabela Pawlithe, Head of Facial Plasticine at the Dr. David Jack Clinic.

It’s for my skin

Yes! In fact, it’s for your skin and your mind. The idea is to clear your mind of emotional stress while removing toxins from the skin, thereby making your skin and thoughts brighter and clearer.

What you do or what you do

Mindful Facial Therapy is designed to treat anxiety holistically across the body and mind. It consists of two parts. First, Malminder Gill will contact you before your hypnotherapy treatment to receive detailed advice on tailoring the hypnosis treatment’s appearance to your specific needs. Whether it’s confidence, anxiety, or stress, Jill will be working on a program specially designed to help you deal with these issues while you are in a super relaxed state of facial relaxation (that’s the kind of hypnosis with which we can cope).

You’ll then find yourself in the Azure Treatment Room above Harley Street, where Isabella discusses your skin’s needs before starting a full facial cleanse. Meanwhile, the generation of hypnosis begins, which puts you in a semi-conscious state through a soothing spa audio track and a series of generation instructions.

As the facial cleansing phase evolves into a series of slightly acidic and dermaplanar shells, toxins are physically removed. Pink hair and dead skin. So Jill’s words begin to relieve stress.

The best part?

Skincare addicts will find the appearance of physical facial scratches oddly satisfying, while more confident clients will feel right at home in Malminder’s hypnotic voice and stimulating words.

The strangest part?

Although the logic of approaching the mind and the skin simultaneously makes sense (especially if in both types of therapy, a therapist is lying horizontally on a bed), dealing with stress and anxiety in the time normally allotted to escape reality can be a somewhat difficult experience. Whether we’re talking about sleep or not.

Can you really see the results?

If your child’s skin is smooth, primed, and coloured for a flawless foundation, this is what you are looking for. As the skin becomes acidic and dermaplaning, remove all the pieces. Swelling or lint on the face caused by dangerously spread exfoliation leaves a fresh, blemish-free layer of skin. Not to mention that the mind is calmer.


Compared to other facials, it includes a range of chemical treatments and powerful mechanical scrubs that can do your job, leaving you red for about an hour. We recommend that you indulge in a full body and soul repair a few days before the big event so that your skin has enough time to relax and feel really heavy.

The value of your money

Facials don’t come cheap. But. When you plan to do a 1: 1 session with two expert therapists for a full hour and combine the Weekly Treatment Scarf with a Harley Street face, the price is well worth it. Also, a gill hypnosis recording was sent to you after a facelift to inform you of your free time. It is a unique personal care business.